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Hair Transplant by Advanced Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration Experts

Advanced Hair Restoration is among one of the most progressive hair transplant practices in the nation. We utilize only the latest FDA approved and clinically proven rejuvenation, retention and hair restoration treatments available for men and women.

Many practices offer hair restoration simply as a side source of revenue to their medical practice, with only occasional patients. The Advanced Hair Restoration practice is focused solely on hair restoration. This allows us to offer much more experience, resources, and knowledge than many of our competitors. Having a hair transplant is a life changing decision, so we understand the importance of providing the greatest level of attention possible to your individual case and procedure. In fact, each member of the medical and management staff has undergone personal hair transplant procedure themselves, so they completely relate and empathize with your situation. The focus we offer is what can make all of the difference in your hair transplant results. Our practice relies on the success of our patients, so we are dedicated to see each patient have the best result possible.

Neograft FUE

Have you considered hair restoration but don’t like the thought of scalpels, stitches or a permanent scar? Would you like to have a full head of your own natural growing hair without the stigma associated with “old school” hairs transplants that leave you with a permanent scar. Would you like a lifetime guarantee by the most experienced northwest hair restoration team utilizing the FDA approved NeoGraft automated follicular unit extraction “FUE” technology?

Advanced Hair Restoration specializes in the revolutionary Neograft technique. This technique is the least invasive and most advanced restoration technique to date. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the future of the hair restoration industry. Gone are the days of using unnatural-looking plugs, invasive, damaging procedures, and bulky "micro-grafts."

Hair Transplant Experience

It is extremely important to choose an experienced, qualified hair restoration surgeon and staff for your procedure regardless of the method used. With newer technology this becomes even more vital. It is in the patient's benefit to choose the method that he/she thinks is most appropriate. Some physicians may try to sway the patient's decision because they are only experienced in one method of hair restoration or do not have access to the most advanced technology. At Advanced Hair Restoration we believe that the patient should be well-informed in all of the options available to them and make the best decision possible. We do not try to convince the patient on one technique over the other.

  • The team at Advanced Hair Restoration has the most experience in the NeoGraft FUE method, having performed hundreds of this particular type of procedure.
  • Dr. Barry Weiss has over 27 years of hair restoration experience in both FUT and FUE methods.
  • The physician oversees and is involved in the entire procedure, from start to finish.
  • Most institutions subcontract the NeoGraft machine along with the technicians. We own the machine and all of our work is done in-house with our own highly experienced staff, which is why we do more NeoGraft hair transplants than anyone else in the country.

Our Guarantee

Advanced Hair Restoration of Seattle is dedicated to assuring that we meet your objectives. The most important part about choosing your Seattle hair transplant team is making sure you get the results you set out to achieve. We guarantee that if any follicle we transplant fails to grow we will replace it at no charge.

Schedule your personal and confidential consultation and receive your scalp analysis, hair loss assessment and hair loss treatment cost estimate. Unlike those hair clubs and infomercial chains, we are locally owned and operated and strive towards making sure your office visit with us is both pleasant and informative.

When you receive a quote from us you can be assured that you have the final price. There are no hidden costs or fees and there is no sales tax on our services.

Traveling from out of state? We offer a travel incentive with your procedure.

The affordable, no-scar hair transplant procedure is now available on any budget and you can be back at work with restored confidence the very next day. Please Call 425.449.8185 NOW and get all your hair loss solutions and hair restoration cost questions answered by the most experienced NeoGraft team in the Nation. You will be glad you did… we guarantee it!

What Our Patients Say


"Your team listened to my concerns and went the extra mile to explain the procedure. I simply could not have asked for a better, more caring doctor."
- Taylor B.
“My hairline is perfect. I love it.”
- Rob F.
"Your staff has been great and I can say that the experience has been far better than I ever had at Bosley. Your staff has a much more personal and caring way, which is important for any surgical procedure."
- Ed K.
"As a physician, I give them my highest recommendation possible. They have given me a new level of confidence and a new lease on life. Advanced Hair Seattle is simply the Best of the Best!"
- Dr. David M.
"This is the best thing I have ever done for me. What a difference, already! Now I see in the mirror what I see in my mind. That daily incongruence I used to experience is gone. Why every guy who cares doesn't do this is beyond me."
- William M.
"I was always interested in restoring my hair, but never wanted the permanent scar. Thank goodness for technology advancements and NeoGraft"
- Yolanda D.
"Thank you! You and your staff are the best. I love my new hairline and love getting compliments that I look 10 years younger."
- Michael F.
"This is not your dads hair transplant."
- Ron O.
"I have had spa visits more painful than this procedure"
- Jack S.
"Freedom at last... I can't believe the results"
- Tommy J.
"Having had a previous procedure, I was so excited to be able to repair the previous scar which enables me to wear a shorter haircut without exposing the ear-to-ear scar"
- Tony T.
"Being a physician myself, I want to thank you and your staff for a job well done and thank you for making my hair restoration, a very pleasing experience."
- Dr. Sam H.
"I'm very glad I did it and know I'll be even happier several months from now :-) I appreciate so much your guys' caring/helpful/non-judgmental attitude."
- James F.
"I not only restored my hair, I also restored my self-confidence"
- Jerry D.
"There's no question, this is the best decision I could have made for myself at this time in my life"
- Henry P.
"I had all the other stuff done at Bosley – they are so much more clinical – you guys are 1000 times better. You have all the medical expertise but a HUMAN touch which makes all the difference. "
- Joe B.

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