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Laser Hair Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy “LLLT”

Hair loss can often be an undesirable aspect of life. Fortunately, with recent advances in technology, there are several treatments that may reduce, prevent, or even reverse hair loss. Low-level laser energy has been found to stimulate hair growth on the scalp to improve hair quality, stop the progression of hair loss, and even promote new hair growth.

Although surgical hair transplantation is the only permanent solution for hereditary hair loss in both men and women, LLLT therapy offers help by rejuvenating hair as well to strengthen weak, anemic hair to assist in the fight against dihydrotestosterone “DHT”

Hair Growth

Before learning about laser hair therapy to reinvigorate hair growth, it is important to understand how hair grows. Hair follicles extend through both the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin and are responsible for producing hair. Projecting into the base of each hair follicle is a structure called the dermal papilla, which is composed of rapidly dividing cells and small blood vessels. These cells are packed together in the hair follicle to create a new hair shaft, which pushes out and replaces the old hair shaft after it has become detached from the dermal papilla.

Follicle Miniaturization

Typically, about 90% of hair follicles are actively growing new hair; however, with the onset of hair thinning, this percentage drops to 80% or less. This decrease in the number of follicles producing new hair coincides with an increased level of a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT disrupts the normal hair cycle, causing hair follicles to miniaturize and consequently produce the shorter, weaker hair that is characteristic of thinning hair. In the continued presence of DHT, hair follicles may keep shrinking until they no longer produce hair and permanent baldness results. However, if hair follicles are stimulated in earlier stages of miniaturization, they may regain size and return to producing strong, thick hair.

How LLLT Works

The LLLT is designed to stimulate miniaturized hair follicles with low-level laser energy. A laser concentrates light waves of a specific energy into a beam of colored light. Humans can see a range of energy as colored light, known as the visible light spectrum. The LLLT unit emits light from the red end of this spectrum, which has been proven to stimulate body tissues to increase cellular energy. This increase in energy enhances cellular processes such as growth and eliminating waste. It may also reduce the inflammation surrounding miniaturized hair follicles, allowing these follicles to take in more nutrients and restore their normal size. LLLT unit stimulates hair follicles in transitional and resting phases of the growth cycle to complete these phases more rapidly. Once these phases are complete, the hair follicles are available to take part in an actively growing phase, which is stimulated to produce thicker, fuller, shinier, and healthier looking hair.

  • Powerful, low level light energy increases blood flow to the scalp and hair follicle
  • Light penetrates into the scalp tissue where it stimulates microcirculation, improves cellular metabolism and protein synthesis
  • Reduces the effects of protein blocking DHT enzymes, promoting thickness and density

Benefits of Low level Light Therapy

  • Slows the rate of hair loss
  • Increases thickness and density
  • Repairs and improved hair shaft quality
  • More manageability, more vibrant color
  • Often used in combination with hair transplantation to accelerate healing, reduce redness and decrease discomfort; encouraging transplanted hairs to grow faster.

About Our Staff

Advanced Hair Seattle is the only team in the Northwest where each member of the medical and management teams have undergone personal hair transplant procedures. We have a passion to deliver you the highest quality hair loss solutions.

What Our Patients Say


"Your team listened to my concerns and went the extra mile to explain the procedure. I simply could not have asked for a better, more caring doctor."
- Taylor B.
“My hairline is perfect. I love it.”
- Rob F.
"Your staff has been great and I can say that the experience has been far better than I ever had at Bosley. Your staff has a much more personal and caring way, which is important for any surgical procedure."
- Ed K.
"As a physician, I give them my highest recommendation possible. They have given me a new level of confidence and a new lease on life. Advanced Hair Seattle is simply the Best of the Best!"
- Dr. David M.
"This is the best thing I have ever done for me. What a difference, already! Now I see in the mirror what I see in my mind. That daily incongruence I used to experience is gone. Why every guy who cares doesn't do this is beyond me."
- William M.
"I was always interested in restoring my hair, but never wanted the permanent scar. Thank goodness for technology advancements and NeoGraft"
- Yolanda D.
"Thank you! You and your staff are the best. I love my new hairline and love getting compliments that I look 10 years younger."
- Michael F.
"This is not your dads hair transplant."
- Ron O.
"I have had spa visits more painful than this procedure"
- Jack S.
"Freedom at last... I can't believe the results"
- Tommy J.
"Having had a previous procedure, I was so excited to be able to repair the previous scar which enables me to wear a shorter haircut without exposing the ear-to-ear scar"
- Tony T.
"Being a physician myself, I want to thank you and your staff for a job well done and thank you for making my hair restoration, a very pleasing experience."
- Dr. Sam H.
"I'm very glad I did it and know I'll be even happier several months from now :-) I appreciate so much your guys' caring/helpful/non-judgmental attitude."
- James F.
"I not only restored my hair, I also restored my self-confidence"
- Jerry D.
"There's no question, this is the best decision I could have made for myself at this time in my life"
- Henry P.
"I had all the other stuff done at Bosley – they are so much more clinical – you guys are 1000 times better. You have all the medical expertise but a HUMAN touch which makes all the difference. "
- Joe B.